Monday, April 19, 2010

Having a True God Written Love Story!!!

One thing I have really been struggling with lately is putting things in Gods hands and letting Him take control. One of the big things is relationships, and yes, I'm talking about boy/girl relationships. I will be 18 in November and have never, at this point anyway,  been in a relationship of any kind. I've had several crushes and have even  *gasp* been asked out, but really didn't have an interest. That is until recently.  Several of my friends now have boyfriends and several went to prom. In the day and age we live in it's hard not to want one. Everybody has one, and in a way you're looked down on if you don't have one. Not so much me,  since I'm home schooled, but I know that if I was in the public school system it'd be much harder.  In today's society it's much harder to be single as you get older and not be looked down on, then it might of been 10, 20, even 30 years ago. Teen pregnancy is through the roof and not just in the High School, but the middle schools as well.  I am reading this book called "When God Writes Your Love Story" that I borrowed from a friend. I'm not very far into it and it's already changed my life in a way. I've read another book from these same authors called "When dreams come true" and that one was just as good! It's talking about how we need to give God  the "pen" to our story and let him be the author and let him have full control over it. We don't normally think of God as the romantic type but He is very much so!! He wants to be in control and if we let Him, He'll write us a beautiful love story. It's amazing to think that He has someone already picked out for us, that is our perfect match. In this book it talks about how we should be faithful NOW to whoever he or she might be, long before we even meet that perfect someone. That we should act like our future spouse is watching our every move and would he/she be proud of how we act towards other girls/guys or would he/she be ashamed and upset that we haven't been faithful to them, even though we have NO idea who they are. It really makes you think...most of us don't give much thought of how we act towards other girls/guys. We need to take into consideration that they have a perfect someone out there waiting for them and would they be proud and cheering you and her on for how your both acting towards each other. It really makes you think. Most of us think that as long as were not having sex before marriage we're  good. Right? We'll yes and no! Most of us like to push the limit on how far can we go without getting too far! How close we can get to the line without actually crossing  it, and that's just the society we live in. They have made it where it's OK...when in reality it's not! Not in God's eye, which is the One we should be striving to please with our every move.  Even though I don't have a boy friend right now, nor do I plan to anytime soon,  I want to start being faithful to him now, and hand God the "pen" to my love story and let him write me a beautiful story. I can  start by praying for him, and my hope and prayer is that he ( whoever he might be) is doing the same about me. The authors of this amazing book are great examples on this. They both had many relationships before they met each other, and before they fully handed God the "pen" to their story, they had to learn hard lessons. Leslie ( one of the authors and the wife to an amazing guy) thought that just as long as she wasn't sleeping around and going too far physically she was fine, when in reality she wasn't! She got so obsessed with having a boyfriend and got so attached both physically and emotionally and she would literally pour her heart and mind out to each and every guy she dated whether the "relationship" lasted 3 months or 3 days.  Then when it would come to an end ( and as she puts it-- it always did) she about couldn't handle the emotional trauma she'd go though.  To avoid feeling that way, she would jump right into the next relationship as soon as possible and then turn around and do it all over again. She got tired of feeling that way after each break up and realized that this was ridiculous.  Why not put it in God's hand and let him take control! Right after she let God take control over the "pen" she started to have doubts and worries...does God really care about something as little as this, does He really want to be the one to pick your future mate...and can we trust God enough to let Him have control over something as precious as this area of our life? Certainly, and not only does God care, but He wants to be the one in control and he wants you to trust him, with EVERY area of our life, not just this area! After all He created you and knows you better then you know yourself, and He already has the perfect mate picked out for us. Not only  that, but He is already shaping and molding that special someone we are to marry someday, to be the perfect spouse that will one day be our husband or wife. I get goose bumps every time I think about it. I mean how cool is it to think  that He has everything under control and we can just sit back and enjoy the ride, so to speak. He already has a  beautiful love story written for us and all He needs is the go ahead to "publish" it and truly make it ours. One thing that I know a lot of us are thinking is that "is there such a guy out there"? Is there a guy that truly cares about the fact we've been faithful to him long before we knew him and is he doing the same for us? I mean lets face it girls, guys don't think the way we do. They can be in a relationship and not get emotionally attached like we do to every single relationship were in! They are visual people and the way we dress and act around them can make them have less than pure thoughts. In today's society they have made it OK to show off as much skin as possible and let everything hang out and not give it a second thought, where as guys, the first thing on their minds is what's underneath. Sad but true.

I read another book here while back called "Boy Meets Girl". Same author to" I Kissed Dating Goodbye".
There both really good books and they bring out a lot of great points! It has a lot of the same stuff that, "When God Writes Your Love Story" does. The only thing I don't agree with in "Boy Meets Girl" or "I Kissed Dating Goodbye" is that it's pretty much saying that you should court not date. I'm not sure I agree with that. The actual term dating isn't wrong, it's what happens during the relationship that makes it bad! You can date and have a pure, God- centered relationship. Just as you can court and leave God out of the entire thing and do anything you want both physically and emotionally! So, to me, it's not what you call it, it's what you do during the relationship that counts. I'm not saying you shouldn't court.  If you feel that's what you should do, then that's great I'm all for it. Just don't turn around and tell me I'm doing something wrong because I'm dating and not courting! In my opinion, as long as your doing everything God has called you to, that's all that matters. Some people may disagree! That's their right and I'm not here to say they're wrong.   I'm just asking that you don't tell me I'm wrong for my thinking on this.

One of the chapters in the book I'm reading now, "When God Writes Your Love Story"  is about singleness, can the sweeter song be a solo? It's just talking about how some people think that your not a whole person until you have a husband or wife. Which isn't the case! You're very much a whole person, and we need to enjoy singleness as much as possible before we're married and devoted to one person for life. Once you're married your whole life revolves around one person and you can't just go out with friends and have time for your self like you could when you were single. Not to mention there may be a ministry that God is calling you to while your single that you may not be able to do for some reason after you're married. Leslie starts off this chapter with a story about how she was able to minister to young girls that have been in a hurtful relationship and she was able to really spend time with them and counsel them, since she had been in a few similar relationships her self.  Had she not been single or had she been so focused on finding someone and settle down, she wouldn't of gotten that great chance to minister to younger girls and she is very thankful she didn't miss out on that. Though God has designed us to want to settle down and get married, we should still enjoy our season of singleness and not be so miserable and set on finding someone that we miss out on an opportunity that God may be calling us too.

Is there such a thing as Prince Charming? Is there really a guy out there, in this day and age, that truly cares whether or not I keep my self pure and remain faithful to him long before I even know him? I believe the answer to this is yes! I believe that there really is a guy out there waiting for you, keeping him self pure as well, and has given God the "pen" to his love story as well. It may not seem like it in this day and age. There are so many  guys out there and seems like all they care about is going too far physically and no longer have feelings for us. They're ready to move on and find someone else! While meanwhile your left sitting there feeling hurt/used and deserted. You gave him your whole heart and all he really cared about was "using" you. Believe it or not, not all guys are "jerks" as it may seem!! Their really are godly guys out there that want to save them selves purely for marriage and want to remain faithful to their future wives. In one of the chapters, they ask a number of Godly guys what their opinion is of  easy girls, Their reply was:
It's disgusting
A total turn off
Totally unattractive
so on and so on.

They were then asked what they thought of girls who are careful about guarding her heart and emotions? Their responses were:
I have the utmost respect for a girl like that
That's the kind of girl I want to marry
If I'm interested in  a girl, it may be frustrating if she doesn't fall for me right away, but deep down I am all the more intrigued  by the challenge of winning her heart.
 These are real responses from real men. Believe it  or not girls, there truly are guys out there that care and truly value a women that will completely save herself  for marriage and not try to cross the line.

I'm not saying that the first guy I date will be the one I marry, If that happens great but I'm not going to go into the relationship thinking that because chances are that's not going to happen. I don't want to put him ( whoever he is) not to mention myself under that kind of pressure. To me that's setting your self up for failure. If your so set on the fact that this will be the only guy I date and he will one day be my husband, that's in a way just asking for trouble because he may not be the guy that God has in mind for you! If you get so focused on one guy you can start to loose focus on whats really important, and that is keeping God not only the center of your relationship but letting him have control over every area during the relationship and if meant to be during your marriage together.  I once heard someone say that it doesn't just take 2 in marriage, it takes 3. What they're meaning is that, if you don't let God have total control over every aspect of your relationship then your not going to have a healthy relationship!!  Gods not going to bless you and your future spouse if you don't invite him in and say, Your in control, what you says goes.

Another thing that Eric/Leslie ( author's of  "When God writes your love story" mentions in their book is that, you need to have your whole family involved in your " love life". I agree completely with this statement. I have seen it first hand, when they didn't have the parents approval from day one and let's just say that needless to say that marriage didn't last. Not only did it not last but it was a miserable marriage.  Their not saying that you need to have them involved in  every single part of it, however the more the better. Our parents know us better then anybody else (except God) and if they're having any kind of doubts or concerns about whoever we're dating, then we need to at least listen to what they have to say, and what their concerns may be. In one of the chapters in this book, Leslie talks about how her and Eric were best friends before they had any kind of romantic relationship. Eric felt like they were spending too much time together and that it was possibly hurting the future of each others spouses. Without really thinking about what he saying, he blurted out that he needed to talk to Leslie's dad, she responded, yeah you do. That talk between Eric and his future's wife's  dad changed his life.  Eric was planning on telling him that he felt like he needed to step back from the relationship and quite spending quite so much time together. His response was far from what Eric expected. His response was, if you feel you need to do that we understand, however just know that if you ever feel you want to pursue a relationship with our daughter you have our full blessing. You can imagine the shock there. A few months later, he did indeed start a relationship with Leslie and within a few weeks after that, he started feeling like that God was telling him that this was his future wife. He couldn't imagine life with anybody else. He had yet another talk with her Dad, told him what he thought God was telling him. His response was again shocking. He said, Eric God has been telling me for some time that you were to someday be Leslie's husband and we can't imagine her marrying anybody else. WOW! What a response! Read this and then tell me that this wasn't a match made in heaven. It excites me to think that God has such a plan in place for me one day.

He wants us to have "team mates" involved in our relationship with our future mate, Someone to just help give us a different view, What we need to work on, if we're going "too far" in one area, someone that can give us Godly insight during the relationship. Guess what? We have built in team mates that know us better then anyone else..Our parents!!! They want to be involved and  God wants them to be involved.

I admit that reading this book ( and I'm not finished) has made me get more excited and and anxious over the thought of getting married someday, however, I'm not in any hurry  and am enjoying each and everyday that I get to be single.

The most awesome "wedding ceremony"  has yet to take place! No type of wedding ceremony, no matter how big or gorgeous or perfect it may be, will be able to compare to the one that's yet to take place, and that is the one that will happen when we get to Heaven. We are the Bride of Christ and we get to experience  a beautiful, gorgeous "wedding" so to speak when we get there, and finally get to spend eternity with the one who loves us more then anyone  else could possibly comprehend or imagine. WOW! Does that not just make you get all giddy and super duper excited and anxious to spend eternity with this amazing Father of ours?

When you entrust the "pen" of your life to the Great Author of romance and learn how to love with extravagance, you wont just be humming the praises of God for a life time, but you will be singing the "sweeter song" for all of eternity.

 God is longing to write your love story- a love story far beyond the most incredible fairy tale ever written. Will you give him the pen today?

If you want to do some further reading, here are a few books that I highly recommend.

*When God Writes Your Love Story* by- Eric & Leslie Ludy
*When Dreams Come True* by- Eric & Leslie Ludy
*I Kiss Dating Goodbye* By- Josh Harrison
*Boy Meets Girl*  By- Josh Harrison

Another one that I've heard is really good is * authentic Beauty* by   Leslie Ludy.
I haven't actually read it my self but have heard that it's an amazing book! Hoping to get the chance to read it my-self very very soon!!!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

~ Bible Bowl~

Not this coming weekend, but the weekend following that, we'll have our last monthly Bible Bowl tournament for this year. It's definitely a mixed feeling.  Sad and in a way depressed that it's already almost over for this year, yet happy relieved and can't wait for it to be over. Over all it's been a pretty good year. We've had our ups and downs but mostly ups. At the end of this year, I'll have been in for not quite 2 years. It's been some of the best 2 years of my life. Though it's a lot of work and you have to really be devoted, it's totally worth it when your able to show up at the tournaments and take first in your division and make it in to the top 20. However, that is not what it's completely about, though that's something awesome to work for and it's an amazing family  when you go and excel, but, if your not applying it to your everyday life, then no amount of studying is really worth it, if it's going in one ear and out the other. We need to not only memorize the material, we need to apply it to everyday life. That is something our coach will drill into you for hours. She doesn't care the amount of ribbons we bring home, or how we did on the top brain, I mean yes she cares, but not like she does when were applying it or not applying it to everyday life.  Most people think that since I'm home schooled I have endless amounts of time to study, um.. not exactly.  Yes I may have more time then your average high schooler that is involved in every single sport out there and make them selves busy every min of every day, but, if they really wanted to study and do well, they'd make the time. I don't have the amount of time that they may think I do.  I still have my school to get done everyday, and I have kids all day. Which leaves the evenings, and that really doesn't leave much time unless I don't spend any time with my family, or I get to bed really really late, neither one is good. it's not easy trying to juggle all that but so far it hasn't been too bad I guess. Though I am sad it's getting ready to end, I'm also kinda relived and looking forward to a little bit of a break. I wont have anything tell the end of June/first part of July, which will be really nice.

The last tournament of the year is what we call "Senior Month". All the lead ins to the questions are about the seniors, and we have the seniors verses sponsors game which is always a ton of fun and hilarious to watch.  During awards at the end, they have all the seniors stand up there and they say what their future plans are, and what is their favorite bible bowl memory is. Then the coach to each seniors awards them with a "blessing" and just gives them last words of encouragement and things like that. It's really neat, and there wasn't a dry eye in the room last year. I'm really looking forward to this tournament and can't wait to hear what some of the questions are.

The way Mrs Z does it, not all teams are set, but the first 3 or 4 normally are pretty set. I play B team with 2 other girls, sometimes she'll add a 4th player just depending on the month. For the most part it's been an amazing team to play with and we've really connected and work well together. We quote amazingly well together and that's one thing that really helps us out, due to that were able to get most of our bonus points, which is were a lot of the points are.

Last month was a little rough,but not bad! Tillie ( our main, strong player out of us 3) wasn't able to make it, due to other things. It had been a crazy month for several of us and neither Hannah or I had really studied like we should of. Since Tillie wasn't able to make it, Mrs Z put Carrie and Rebekah on our team. Carrie was our life savior! She had studied more then us and knew her stuff pretty well, however, this was her first time in division 1 so it was a little over whelming for her. We only won 2 games during the whole day! We should of moved down, but due to a miracle we were able to stay up. It was a hard, exhausting  day both physically and emotionally but we made the most of it and tried to just have fun! I was able to buzz in more then I have in the past which was fun. I also placed 18th in the top 20, which was super exciting! We also got most Christ like,which according to Mrs Z, the highest award we could ever receive so we were excited and that helped lift our spirits a little.  though it was a rough weekend, it was also a pretty good weekend over all. Had a lot of laughs and made a lot of memories.

We're planning on making up for it this next tournament. We'll have Tillie back and it's review which is bad, but it also will be nice to not have to learn anything new this month.  

Bible bowl in a way has changed my life. I have met some amazing people and grew closer to the ones I already knew. I have been able to have some great experience through it and see places and do things I wouldn't of gotten to do, had I not been in Bible bowl.It's been amazing. God has really blessed me in these last 2 years.   

Please feel free to comment or Facebook me if you have any questions concerning this post.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Happy Birthday Heidi Elizabeth!!! I love you!!

Today,  "my" Sister Heidi turns 5!!! I'm not sure where those 5 years have gone! I'll tell you one thing though, these 5 years have been some of the best years of my life!! I can't describe what kind of joy having her in my life brings! She always has a smile and a huge bear hug waiting for you! We call her our Heidi Bear, which fits quite well, she is either a cuddly teddy bear or a grouchy don't mess with me or you might get "bit" kind of bear. I can't help but feel happy and sad at the same time! Happy that she has made it this far and has grown into a beautiful young girl striving to please God each and everyday, but sad that she is no longer our adorable blond curly  headed toddler that it seems like just yesterday she was! We have had more then our share of scares with her, she got extremely sick when she was about 14 or so months old ( can't remember for sure) her fever spiked to 104 and 105 and was very lethargic, needless to say they ended up in the ER that evening, at which point her fever had spiked to a 106, after a ice bath and IV's they finally got it back down. That was the scariest night ever! She had lost a lot of weight which she never really gained back! We have pictures of her swaddled in the bouncy seat at 13 to 14 months old! She wasn't much bigger then her brand new baby brother ( who's birth weight was right around 10 pounds) It didn't take long before Noah had "outgrown" his older sister period. I remember being asked more then once when they just a little bit older, if they were twins, Which we would then reply NO, and believe it or not Heidi is older! I few of them you could tell didn't believe us at first! They are not quite 13 months months apart. After Noah was born, I got close, I mean REALLY close to this family! I spent just about every waking moment out there and even spent the night more then once! 

Heidi has always been that one that when she gets sick, she gets SICk!!! so we try to keep her in and away from anything, during sick season!  We have ended up in the ER more then once in her 5 years of age. She is also our accident prone one. At the age of 3, we had our first broken bone. She jumped off the table and broke her wrist! She was so proud of that cast too, it cracked us up how much she loved that cast. We also had a scare with an horrible allergic reaction, I got the phone call that evening after everything was some what back to normal. We think she was bit by something but were not entirely sure, what exactly set her off. Whatever it was was BAD!!! She was very lethargic by the time they got to the ER. Because of such a several reaction and all the medication they had to give her she had to be seen by her
 pediatrician the following day, So Betty and I with all 5 kids head to Great Bend, the following morning! What was supposed to be a quick trip the pediatrician turned into a crazy hectic, very comical "road trip" so to to speak.  We get there and find out that she has to be seen by the allergist in Hutch and not only that we have to be there before 3 or 4. It's a good 2 to 3 hours from Great bend to Hutch, By now its pushing 11:00, 11:30, none of us had eaten and we needed gas because that last thing we wanted to run out. I call mom to feel her in that umm..we wouldn't be home for a while and we weren't sure what was going to exactly! We get to the Gas Station and Betty gets out to fill up and I all the sudden hear, meow, meow, meow...I was like OK..there is NO WAY I'm hearing what I think I'm hearing! At this point Betty is done filling up and think she hears the same thing so we get out and look under the van,don't see anything and decide that we must be hearing things! She calls Brad to try to figure out if there is a different rout to Hutch, without having to drive clear back to Stafford and take that rout. There is so we figure that out, still not entirely sure where were going, and we have kids complaining they're hungry! We all were, but were on such a time crunch, were just trying to survive! We finally get out of Great, not entirely sure that were on the right road. We see a sign for Hutch and can finally relax that were at least on the right road! We go through like 6 different counties and I lost count on the amount of towns! We find one that has a wendys and we decide to stop for lunch real quick! Just for the record, going into a restaurant with 5 kids is never quick! However considering the amount of the time they've been in a van at this point, they were all really really good and things went pretty smoothly!! We finally get to Hutch and to the Allergist in time..barley but in time! Everything goes pretty smoothly at the allergist, we get in and out pretty quickly, they run some test to try to figure out what set her off. Come to find she is allergic to tree nuts, and possibly bee stings! They can't do a whole lot today, but they're were going to run more test later! 

Ha ha, we come out of the office, and find that our van was surrounded by people and we hear, MEOW, MEOW, MEOW really really loud! Me and Betty look at each other and just about die laughing! Betty's like ..please tell me that my van is not meowing, does it fly too? I just about die of laughter again! We get over to it and I put kids in the van why Betty tries to figure out where the mysterious meowing is coming from.I get kids in buckled in car seats and go to help Betty try to figure out where the kittens are, if there are any! We finally figure out that it's coming from under the hood, we pop the hood and there sitting under the hood were two, only about 3 or 4 week old kittens! They were drenched in radiator fluid, we get them and wash them off with some water and put them in a swans ice cream bucket. Were at the point it's either laugh or cry. We call Brad and tell him what we found, he dies of laughter and thinks were crazy at first! We convince him that we really did find 2 kittens! LOL, We still need to run to Wal-mart. It's well over 80 degree's out and we know we can't leave them in the van, but at the same time we can't leave me and kids in the van in the heat! So we decide that it's better to risk leaving kittens with windows down then to leave all of us with the kittens. It turned out OK. I don't think I'll ever forget this day! I still laugh when I think about it!! This is one of the things I love most about this family is that there is NEVER a dull moment!! 

That is just one of the many adventures I've been able to experience with this amazing family! 

We are now super careful with what Heidi eats. Absolutely NO tree nuts. Were even a little weary of letting her play outside during the summer, just because of fear of her getting bit by a bee or wasp, we always have an epi-pen with us and ready  to use. We all know how to use it and never go anywhere without one! We have a little tag that ties to her shoe string, alerting others to her allergy, and we always leave an epi-pen with whoever is in charge, if were not there!

Heidi is the most easy going, full of life and energy 4 ( now 5) year old I know. Her smile will bright up the entire room. 

You may hear us call her "cookie pickle". That was her form of "Name calling" when she was about 3 or 4 and mad at her Daddy! We couldn't help but laugh, and it just kinda stuck!! 
She is and always will be our cookie pickle!  She will do anything to  keep up with her older brother and sisters and don't you dare tell her she can't do something, because she will find a way! 
 I  hate the fact that I'm missing out on so much of her growing up.  I miss them all terribly and am anxiously counting down the days till June, when I get to spend almost if not a week!!! I am her Sarah as she puts it. I love hearing her call me that!!

She is the sweetest, most adorable 5 year old I know, and they all mean the world to me. I miss getting my hugs and kisses from her and the rest of  them.

Happy Birthday, Heidi!!! Today your 5, may your day be filled with many wonderful blessings. Looking forward to getting to watch you change and grow from a adorable, loving 5 year old, to a beautiful young lady, striving to please God each and every day!! I love and miss you and can't wait to see you in June, if not before!! You are such a beautiful young girl. Your parents are SOOO lucky to have you as their daughter!!!  looking forward to many more wonderful Birthdays! 
                      Fun at the State Fair!!!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Active and loving it!

 I've always been pretty active! I enjoy most sports, Soccer, track, Volley ball, etc.
When we lived in St John I really didn't get much chance to do any sports and I missed it!

  In November of 08, we moved back to Garden! It was an adjustment being back after being gone for not quite 4 years!  We jumped right back into the big home school group and they all welcomed us back with open arms!

I was excited about being back in the big group that did sports! They had the track meet and soccer tournament once a year! We also did PE once a week at Coop!  We had the best PE coach ever!!!! She was fun, out going, and a blast to be around! She turned something that most people dread into something that we ALL looked forward to every week! I also became good friends with her daughter and we started doing sport related things together, along with other things! ;o) I had always thought that Volly Ball looked fun but had never really gotten the chance to play, that is until several months ago when my best friend asked me to play with her and her mom, dad, and several other people! I was hesitant at first! I really didn't know what I was doing and didn't want to make a fool of my self!  Finally after lots of convincing, she talked me into it! That was the best 6 or 8 ( cant remember for sure)weeks of my life!! I learned a lot and had a blast doing it!!! 
 I miss playing and hope to get the chance to again SOON!!  Thanks to this same friend, I also got the chance to play tennis!! I had always thought it looked like fun but never got the chance!!!! that is some of the most fun I've ever had!!! Can't wait to play again, now that it's getting warmer out and staying light longer.
 We also here recently started track! I about didn't do it due to some things that happend but decided to go ahead and try! I am very glad I did!! It has been a great way to get in shape and have a pretty good time doing it!  It has also motivated me to start running on my own! I have felt a lot better since I've started running! Though it still kills me to run more then once around the track, I'm getting there and It's becoming easier!! I love running and just about can't get enough of it! Me and a good friend hope to start getting the chance to run together some this spring/summer!!! It makes it much more enjoyable when your running with somebody, especially your best friend! ;o)  It always is a great way to vent anger or just think and clear your head! Even spend some personal one on one time with your heavenly father!  I can't describe the feeling I get during and after I run! It's a like a release from anything and everything that might have happend that day! 
We had track practice today, and though I  am definitely feeling it tonight and will for a few days! It was great!! I got the chance to catch up with a friend and get some great exercise at the same time! Yes I am tired, and yes I am sore but I also feel the best after I run! 

 We're  going to Colorado this weekend to see dads side of the family, and I'm hoping to get the chance to run in the open country! I love running in town but there's  nothing like getting to run in the middle of no where once in a while. 

I'm also looking forward to getting to swim this summer and get some exercise that way! That allows me to get a great workout and also spend some great time with the kiddo's!  

You don't just have to run to get in shape either!! Walking is just as much effective and you can talk easier when you walk, rather then run if your with a friend! 

 Even playing tag or soccer or anything like that with your kiddo's outside,  or maybe go the the Zoo or park. There's many ways to be and stay active and have a blast doing it!! If  your doing something with your kid's that helps me to be and stay active as well! I know from first hand what a couch potato can be like and It's not good! My 5 yo that I watch would much rather watch Tv, play her DS, or play on the computer then go do something active outside! I've had to make her several times and though me she might through a fit, once she gets outside she has an absolute blast, whether It's riding her bike, me swinging her, playing a game of tag, or soccer. Either way we always have a ton of fun and I just about can't make her come inside when It's time to come inside!!  Her baby sister on the other hand is a different story! She can't get enough time outside and will throw an absolute fit when It's time to come inside, and don't you dare try to bring her inside before everybody else! I have a feeling we will be spending 80 to 90% of the summer outside!  

Though I my self am not much of an outside person, I'm getting better and getting to the point where I prefer to be outside when it's nice out, rather then be inside!   

I'm sure I will have tons more to write as the summer goes on! But for know this is it!
I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it!!
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                                             200 meter dash!
Long Jump
                                     Just after playing soccer with the older kiddo's!!
I don't have any of actually playing or I would of posted those!!