Babysitting advice!!!!

1. Find out how the parents want you to handle discipline..aka...can you spank/ put in time out..etc.
2. Find out what their likes/ and dislikes are!  What they like to do, what their favorite snacks/meals are....etc.
3.Really get to know the kids you are watching and try to build a relationship with them. When I first started watching the kids I watch know I really didn't know them, Yes I had seen them at church and had even held Zach ( now 7) as a baby and had seen Ryann a few times when she was a baby, when we'd come back to visit and stuff, but for the most part I didn't know them, and those first few days were hard. Ryann had had a bad day care experience before Jami switched to us and for about the first week she would cry for a good 10/20 minutes after mommy or daddy would leave. It broke my heart! So my goal was to gain her trust and show her that I truly cared and loved  her. It was hard, I admit, but totally worth it. She thinks of me as a big sister and I have her full trust and she is completely comfortable around us.
4. Don't try to be their friend all the time. Yes you want them to like you, maybe even love you, but, if you don't get your bluff in right away and show them that what you say, you mean and you wont go back on your word, You'll have a better time and experience for both of you. Yes it hard. I've been told more then once by Ryann that I'm mean and she doesn't like. Does it hurt? very much so. One  conversation went something like this

We were at Target.
 Ryann: Can I have some gum?
Me: No, not today! We have some at home.
Ryann: But I like this kind.
Me: I know, but you don't need any of that today, we argued for several more mins and finally got her out of the store.
Ryann: Why cant I have gum?
Me: because I told you no,
Ryann: but why?
Me: because I said so and that's final.
Ryann: Your mean. I don't like you
Me: I love you Ryann
Ryann: we'll your mean
Me: We'll I love you.

OK you got the point. By telling her I loved her over and over again, it helped her attitude get better much quicker and she had pretty much forgotten about the whole thing by the time we got home.

5. Most of all just try to have fun with them. Especially if it's just a one time kind of deal, or maybe once in a while, or even part time. Don't worry so much about trying to be "mom". Just have fun and play with them, do what they want to do. It may not sound like fun, and you might rather them just play by themselves, but they really enjoy when you interact with them and get down on their level.  Some of the most fun I've had is playing tag or Soccer or going on walks or playing hide and seek, even something as simple as reading books to them or in Ryann's case watching for literally hours her reenact her gymnastics. It may not be what I want to do but it means the world to her when I sit and let her show me what she has learned!!! Just for the record, she is good! LOL

In my Opinion I have the best job! I get to stay home all day, Play with kids, and get paid for it!!
I even get to still hang out with friends. That's one of the thing I love most about Chay. She is always happy to go do stuff with me and the kids and she enjoys every min of it!!! The kids love her and she loves them.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask!!!