My top ten list of why I love being homeschooled

1. I can get my school done on my own time. I'm really not on any type of schedule and there are many days when I'm done by 1 or 2.
2. NO home work!!
3. I've been able to work full time, doing what I love and still do my school.
4. Your able to take time off when you need, whatever it might be. You can even take it with you and do it on the way, if your traveling long distances. 
5. You don't  have to stay on anybody Else's pace. Your on you own time. I know many, many, many other home schoolers that are way ahead of where they're are supposed to be.  My self included, in some area's.
6. You can take college classes before you finish High school! My good friend will have her 2 years of math required in college done before she graduates. I know several other home schoolers, who was able to have their first year of college done before they graduated.
7. More time to study Bible bowl. It is part of my school and in a way learning God's word is more important then any other subject you could possibly learn. 
8. Able to hang out with friends more. Because I work during the day, I am off work by time I finish my school. Therefore instead of having to go from school to work and then home to do home work. I most days have all done by 4 and am able to freely hangout with friends or do whatever I want to do.
9. You don't learn all the garbage out there and aren't exposed to quite as much as public school kids. however  you still hear it's nearly impossible to live in this day and age and not hear some of it.
10. Your closer to your parents and siblings. You get to spend night and day with them and you really get to know them. I'm not saying you don't when your in public school i'm just saying you get to know them a little better! Also, I get to go spend time with my other amazing family!!!! :)

If I was in school I wouldn't get to do or experience all the things I get to do and get to experience!!! :)